Our People


Andrew Williams

Polo Handicap – Five Goals


Andrew is one of the Co-Founders of International Polo Accreditation (IPA) and has had a long and successful polo career. He has played twice in the Polo World Cup and was recently selected to captain that team. He has played polo all over the world in 14 different countries as well as representing his home country Australia in their national team.

He has had considerable involvement in the development of the sport in Australia and around the world. He sits on the boards of the Australian Polo Federation, the New South Wales Polo Association and has been part of the coaching, umpiring and accreditation systems in Australia. Andrew is also a current member of the New South Wales handicap committee.

With the recent introduction of the S rating and related testing requirements, Andrew identified the need to create a centralised online education platform for polo around the world. So he reached out to Hayden, the other Co-Founder, and together they launched IPA with the goal of creating a global education platform for polo players and umpires.




Hayden Kerr

Polo Handicap – Zero Goals


Hayden has founded and run successful businesses in both the Technology and Financial Services industries. He is also a keen amateur polo player.

In 2006 he started William Shaw Securities, a boutique investment management firm based in Sydney, Australia. It was around this time Hayden took up polo. Having grown up in country Australia around horses, he wanted to get back to riding and polo seemed like the perfect fit.

After selling his interest in his financial services companies Hayden founded MyCastingNet, a software company that provides casting software and technology solutions to the television industry. MyCastingNet is now the world’s premier online casting platform and casts Factual, Documentary and Reality formats in more than 10 countries.

His unique combination of experience in business and Technology combined with his love for horses and polo, is what drove Hayden to co-found IPA with Andrew.